Wan Yeen Trading has years of experience working with pharmacies, health food establishments and direct selling companies. As an OEM manufacturer, Wan Yeen has created several brands that are sold in Malaysia and exported to Singapore, Taiwan, China, Saudi Arabia and most of South East Asia that are currently sold under the distributor’s own brand.


10 Key Highlights


Our one-stop product development, manufacturing, product registration, and sales services are convenient, cost-effective, and customised to the needs of our OEM clients, who only need to provide us with a basic product concept to kickstart the process.


We are proud to have developed and launched over 500 traditional Chinese medications and herbal health supplements to date with the support of TCM experts from countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.


Our GMP and HAACP-certified products always undergo rigorous quality controls before sale. Reviews from our customers and end consumers are uniformly positive.


We are proud to serve publicly listed companies from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and mainland China that form part of our loyal customer base.


We emphatically refuse to compromise on quality. Every product we manufacture must be of world-class quality and fully satisfy the needs of customers, OEM clients, and end consumers.


We predict sales growth will only accelerate further over the decade due to robust demand for TCM medications and supplements from Asia-Pacific consumers. Being one of the few halal-certified TCM manufacturers gives us an additional advantage as we are able to sell our products to Muslim consumers, who make up 25% of the global population.


We have made considerable progress towards full compliance with the ESG criteria used by an increasing number of mainstream investors to screen investment prospects.


We have amply proved our resilience and the sustainability of our business model by consistently recording steady growth regardless of economic conditions since the incorporation of Wan Yeen Trading in 1996.


We invest in upskilling our employees and assign them to positions suited to their strengths to ensure our products and services are of the best possible quality.


Our corporate leaders are savvy businesspeople with decades of experience in their respective fields who are passionate about realising the Group’s vision. They are responsive to all constructive feedback as they understand constant improvement is key to achieving excellence.

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