About Wan Yeen

Based in Ipoh, Malaysia, the widely acclaimed Wan Yeen Group is an OEM and OBM service provider that has been manufacturing traditional Chinese medications and herbal health supplements for 20+ years. We stand out in the Malaysian TCM industry as one of the few players with a large, loyal customer base, solid R&D capabilities, diversified distribution channels, and a presence in multiple parts of the pharmaceutical supply chain.

Our Vision

To popularise TCM on the international stage and in turn preserve Chinese healing traditions.

Our Mission

To develop effective traditional Chinese medications and health supplements manufactured from pure, high-quality herbal ingredients.

Core Values


We have always operated honestly and transparently. We uphold our responsibility to protect patients’ and consumers’ health by only using genuine, high-quality ingredients sourced from reputable suppliers in our products.


In the spirit of ‘One Malaysia’, we are a meritocracy where employees of all faiths, ethnicities, and backgrounds are rewarded fairly based on their contributions. We are also open to adapting our products and business practices in line with the latest market trends.


We invest in our future growth by equipping our employers with the hard and soft skills they need to improve efficiency, increase productivity, and formulate innovative solutions to problems.


As a pharmaceutical manufacturer, our top priority is to supply consumers with safe products that promote and preserve health and well-being. We collaborate with major TCM players on R&D to continuously enhance the quality and efficacy of our products.

You will definitely find a solution to every problem as long as you are willing to make the effort. Take immediate action instead of spending too much time thinking about future actions – even if you make mistakes initially, you can always rectify those later.

Group Corporate Structure

The Wan Yeen Group consists of 4 separate yet affiliated business entities that each occupy a different part of the pharmaceutical supply chain. Each business entity is an authority on its own core business activity; simultaneously, forming part of a complete supply chain means staff at all 4 business entities are able to work together closely to achieve synergy, resulting in increased resource efficiency, enhanced productivity, better product quality, and higher customer satisfaction.

  • Manufacturer of traditional Chinese medications
  • GMP-certified and Ministry of Health-approved
  • Halal-certified by the Department of Islamic Development (JAKIM)

  • Manufacturer of herbal health supplements
  • GMP and HAACP-certified

  • Provides warehousing and distribution services to Wan Yeen Trading and Nutrifood International
  • 800+ customers including prominent TCM practitioners and large TCM retail chains

  • Procures raw materials for Wan Yeen Trading and Nutrifood International
  • Develops products on behalf of the Group’s OEM clients/li>

  • International trade hub for the Group
  • Markets Group products to overseas customers

5-Minute Overview

Wan Yeen Group of Companies

Pioneering a Modern Approach to Traditional Chinese Medicine

What Does the Wan Yeen Group Do, and What Does It Stand For?

We are a Malaysian manufacturer of traditional Chinese medications with a long and storied history. We respect tradition by only sourcing raw ingredients of exceptional quality and purity; at the same time, we invest heavily in modern technology to further enhance product quality and in turn inspire public faith in the efficacy of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Why Does Wan Yeen Consider Itself a TCM Pioneer?

As a business known for our innovation, we do not merely manufacture medications using fixed recipes that have remained unchanged for many years; instead, we keep ourselves informed of the latest market trends and constantly upgrade our manufacturing capabilities to ensure our products continue to meet TCM practitioners’ and patients’ needs in a constantly evolving consumer landscape. We believe the effort we put in is essential for TCM to remain relevant in the modern world.

What Inspires the Wan Yeen Team?

We are primarily motivated by a desire to help others. Millions of lives were saved by penicillin because Alexander Fleming generously shared his discovery with the world; similarly, we aspire to bring health and healing to the international community by building a global network of distribution partners that will introduce our high-quality products to consumers worldwide.

What Is Wan Yeen’s Main Competitive Advantage?

We pride ourselves on a sustainable business model that has enabled continuous growth for the past two decades; at present, we already fulfil many of the criteria to become a publicly listed company. Securing halal certification for all products further improved our growth prospects by broadening our pool of prospective customers to include 1.9 billion Muslim consumers.

Why Did the Wan Yeen Team Venture Into TCM Initially?

Raised in a family of TCM practitioners, we were inspired by our elders’ commitment to helping patients lead healthier, happier lives. We particularly admire TCM practitioners’ holistic approach to healthcare – while ‘Western’ healthcare tends to be reactive (healthcare providers only intervene when patients fall ill to relieve their symptoms), TCM practitioners proactively prescribe treatments that strengthen patients’ immune systems to prevent illness and improve overall health.