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Company Background

Wan Yeen, based in Ipoh, Malaysia, is a leading and premium contract manufacturer specializing in herbal preparations, health food, nutritional supplements, and topicals. With over 20 years of operation, we’ve built a strong foundation and are trusted by our customers for our reliability and expertise.

Global Market

Global partners/customer of Wan Yeen (Malaysia-Perak-Ipoh-OeM/ODM) 万源全球合作伙伴/客户 (马来西亚-霹雳-怡保-OEM/ODM)-新加坡-Singapore-中国-China-台湾-Taiwan-香港-HongKong-印尼- Indonesia-泰国-Thailand-日本-Japan-美国-USA

Our Partners


Wan Yeen Trading has years of experience working with pharmacies, health food establishments and direct selling companies. As an OEM manufacturer, Wan Yeen has created several brands that are sold in Malaysia and exported to Singapore, Taiwan, China, Saudi Arabia and most of South East Asia that are currently sold under the distributor’s own brand.

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SWS 28 Medical Sdn. Bhd.
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Quality Cares For Mothers and Newborn Babies
We have very little time for product R/D as most of our resources go towards caring for the mothers and newborn babies at our confinement centre. The Wan Yeen Group has been so helpful in that regard - we know we can trust them to deliver only the very best because of their proven R&D expertise, their rightly earned awards for excellence, and their cutting-edge manufacturing technologies and equipment. It has been a truly productive partnership and we are so grateful to them for helping us formulae the most effective medications and supplements for our patients.
Meiziya International Sdn. Bhd.
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Fostering Well-Being | Restoring Health
We draw on Chinese traditions as well as modern technology to formulate supplements that are easily consumed by busy individuals in the form of capsules. We are truly grateful for the Wan Yeen Group’s assistance throughout the product development process – we would not have been able to create such a high-quality product without their technical expertise.

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Welcome Message

Welcome Readers!

Raised in a Family of TCM Practitioners

When I was still a child, most Chinese I knew would visit the nearest TCM practitioner to obtain treatment whenever they fell ill. In my community, my grandfather, who would have exceeded the ripe old age of 100 if he were still alive today, served as the neighbourhood TCM practitioner. I vividly remember walking into his consulting room and being overcome with awe at the countless specimens of medicinal herbs on display, each emitting a distinctive fragrance.

Growing up, both my father and I aspired to follow in my grandfather’s footsteps; regrettably, financial constraints meant my father had no choice but to pursue a better-paying career to support our family. Although my father was ultimately unable to realise his lifelong ambition, his sacrifice did pave the way for me to inherit my grandfather’s TCM practice. With my father providing a steady source of income, I was able to devote my time to learning the art of healing with TCM from my grandfather. Eventually, my grandfather retired, leaving his practice to me.

Inspired to Share TCM With the World

Over many years of practice, I began to realise the number of people I could directly help in my role of TCM practitioner was rather limited: my patients were definitely grateful for my care, but there were many other people in Malaysia and beyond who had never heard of TCM, much less benefited from it. I felt it was my duty to preserve and promote this aspect of Chinese culture, just like my ancestors who immigrated from China did by establishing TCM practices, Chinese-language schools, and Buddhist shrines in their adopted homeland centuries ago.

Starting My Entrepreneurial Journey

After much consideration, I decided manufacturing and selling TCM medications and health supplements would be the most resource-efficient method of spreading the benefits of TCM worldwide. It was around this time I fortuitously encountered a TCM medication supplier who was planning to shut down his production facility in Malaysia in preparation to return to his native China. Upon learning of my intentions, he immediately offered to sell me his Malaysian business entity along with the production facility: thus, Wan Yeen came into being.

Armed with my grandfather’s medication recipes, I wasted no time commencing operations. I began by assigning the responsibility of procuring high-quality medicinal herbs to industry veterans with decades of experience, which was crucial to building and upholding our reputation for excellent quality. I would also equip the production facility with the advanced manufacturing technology required to produce medications on an industrial scale.

Continuing My Grandfather’s Legacy

I went on to assemble a capable team that has led Wan Yeen from strength to strength – to date, our accomplishments include developing 500+ medications and health supplements and supplying those to multiple publicly listed companies. Nonetheless, we recognise we cannot remain complacent as there is still much we must achieve before attaining our final goal of introducing TCM to the global community to promote health and healing.

I am pleased to announce we made considerable progress in 2022 alone. In response to the health threat posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, we entered a joint venture with a prominent financial services provider to co-found Meiziya International, a manufacturer of TCM herbal supplements that function to strengthen consumers’ immune systems. Within 2022, we also plan to set up a new Wan Yeen subsidiary in Singapore to further our mission of restoring the health of those plagued by the lifestyle diseases afflicting modern society.

Join Us as We Write the Next Chapter of Our Story

My grandfather always envisioned his small TCM practice growing into a large, influential healthcare player that would educate the world about the benefits of TCM. I am proud many of my family members have joined my effort to transform my grandfather’s lifelong dream into reality; without their support and the hard work of my loyal staff, I seriously doubt I would be here telling you our story.

I am writing to you as I believe you would be a valuable addition to our ever-expanding network; together, we can revolutionise the post-pandemic healthcare landscape. On behalf of my dedicated team, I cordially invite you to be part of the Wan Yeen family today.

Yours sincerely,

Teh Choon Wai
Managing Director of the Wan Yeen Group of Companies

5-Minute Overview

Wan Yeen Group of Companies

Pioneering a Modern Approach to Traditional Chinese Medicine

What Does the Wan Yeen Group Do, and What Does It Stand For?

We are a Malaysian manufacturer of traditional Chinese medications with a long and storied history. We respect tradition by only sourcing raw ingredients of exceptional quality and purity; at the same time, we invest heavily in modern technology to further enhance product quality and in turn inspire public faith in the efficacy of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Why Does Wan Yeen Consider Itself a TCM Pioneer?

As a business known for our innovation, we do not merely manufacture medications using fixed recipes that have remained unchanged for many years; instead, we keep ourselves informed of the latest market trends and constantly upgrade our manufacturing capabilities to ensure our products continue to meet TCM practitioners’ and patients’ needs in a constantly evolving consumer landscape. We believe the effort we put in is essential for TCM to remain relevant in the modern world.

What Inspires the Wan Yeen Team?

We are primarily motivated by a desire to help others. Millions of lives were saved by penicillin because Alexander Fleming generously shared his discovery with the world; similarly, we aspire to bring health and healing to the international community by building a global network of distribution partners that will introduce our high-quality products to consumers worldwide.

What Is Wan Yeen’s Main Competitive Advantage?

We pride ourselves on a sustainable business model that has enabled continuous growth for the past two decades; at present, we already fulfil many of the criteria to become a publicly listed company. Securing halal certification for all products further improved our growth prospects by broadening our pool of prospective customers to include 1.9 billion Muslim consumers.

Why Did the Wan Yeen Team Venture Into TCM Initially?

Raised in a family of TCM practitioners, we were inspired by our elders’ commitment to helping patients lead healthier, happier lives. We particularly admire TCM practitioners’ holistic approach to healthcare – while ‘Western’ healthcare tends to be reactive (healthcare providers only intervene when patients fall ill to relieve their symptoms), TCM practitioners proactively prescribe treatments that strengthen patients’ immune systems to prevent illness and improve overall health.